New Beginnings Horse Training with Equine Professionals

Stall Board

          Professional Staff

 Boarding Avail

  Professional Staff.

Box stalls with rubber mats and sawdust make for the most comfortable equine on a daily basis.  Regular outside turnout keeps the mind and spirit sharp, dont forget the muscles...they need exercized too.  We have quality hay and can even feed your favorite meal and supplements.  We are a professional staff here to serve you and your equine partner!


          Conditioning & Finishing

We all strive for that best performance with our equine teammates.   One of the keys to a consistent ride is great trainers and teachers.   Keeping your athlete comfortable and willing,  he will reward you in the show pen every time. Please give Karen a call at 210.563.9110 . Refer the website!





​Horse Training

​Pony &Horse Lessons E

Bonus Features

* 100 X 200 Indoor Riding Arena

* 200 X 200 Outdoor Riding Arena

* Six Horse Indoor Walker

* Daily Turnout

* Matted Box Stalls

* Massage Therapy

* Infrared Light Therapy / RevitaVet

* Magnetic Therapy

* Equine Essential Oil Treatments

* Certified Equine Dentist